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6 Station Wireless CD, USB, MP3 Listening Center

Listening Centers are invaluable tools in many settings. Bring unrivaled digital media control and unparalleled functionality into your classroom or media lab!

This classroom-proven, durable and dependable Wireless Listening Center delivers the latest audio technology to the classroom in an easy-to-use pack and comes with everything you need for up to 6 students.

Use it for audio-books, read-alongs, independent study, small groups or diffirentiated instructions. This listening center features a top-loading, portable CD player, six wireless multi-channel W901-MULTI deluxe headphones, a high quality multi-channel wireless transmitter W900-MULTI and a compact, portable, lockable carrying case.

This Listening Center Includes:

  • (1) HACX-205 CD/USB/MP3 Player
  • (1) W900-Multi Wireless Transmitter
  • (6) W901-Multi Wireless Multi-Channel  Headphone
  • (1) Lockable Carrying Case (lock not included)
  • One year Warranty

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